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polymer lower

James Madison Tactical, LLC. Designs, develops and manufactures the 80% Generation 2 AR15 and .308 Equalizer polymer lower receivers, as well as selling specific parts and accessories. Initially, James Madison Tactical produced the 80% Generation 1 lower receiver as a light weight component to modernize the AR-15 platform for a wide range of caliber uppers and to lighten the overall weight of all AR-15 platforms. Since then we have designed, developed and manufactured the Generation 2 AR-15 and the .308 Equalizer lower receivers that now have been in service since 2013.

James Madison Tactcal’s first product, the 80% Generation 1 polymer lower receiver addressed several fundamental design issues associated with other polymer lowers and paved the way for the rebirth for a new design with many upgrades that addressed those issues. After the success of the Generation 1 lower receiver, James Madison Tactical systematically redesigned many areas of the 80%  AR-15 lower receiver and the new DPMS compliant .308 lower receiver, these improvements led to more reliability and, eventually, to the creation of an entirely new Generation 2 and .308 series of the James Madison Tactical lower receivers.